Tyler J. Harden

Senior Full Stack Cloud Engineer @ Duke Energy

Polyglot Unicorn • Boardman, Ohio

I am a driven, innovative engineer and architect with an entrepreneurial spirit. I believe in every project I work on, and have a deep passion for what I do. My goals are to invent, innovate, and change the world through computer science, application development, revolutionary new business ideas, big data, and quantified self, to name a few. I believe in self-learning, self-motivating, and hard work, and am an extremely fast-paced autodidact. I look at things already done and know I can do better, and am always looking for ways to improve existing technologies and infrastructure.

I have enjoyed a career spanning nearly two decades in information technology, working on software and web projects as an engineer, architect and manager, ranging from small start-ups to consulting for Fortune 500 companies. My own enterpreneurial ventures include building an MSP/MSSP/ISP consulting firm from the ground up, working with talented engineers, vendors, consumers and business leaders, as well as regulators to expand broadband connectivity in northeast Ohio, and bring agile and lean software methodologies outside of the software space.